August 2006

A short post on spam.

Using the Treo to post blogs is interesting. I write the blog on the Treo, email it to a secret (and pretty random) address, then go online and change the blog from Draft to an actual Post. Lately, though, I’ve been getting spam on that e-mail address. I am getting spammed on my blog! If I checked one box, the e-mails would be posted immediately, so that spam would reach the web before I decided to delete it. Bah.

And, I am officially a M$ employee: I am getting spam in my mail box! Yay.


Yes, it IS Willem Dafoe
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I was just walking back to my office from the Caf,I passed some dude’s office and had to stop and take a look at that again. This guy has Logitech Z5500 speakers wired around his desk: full 5.1 surround sound, with the back speakers nailed into the walls. From my own experience, those are powerful speakers. Powerful enough to make food inside of a fridge shake. Two rooms over! My RA Martha wasn’t very thrilled, but I got a good laugh.
Boy, I don’t envy that guy’s neighbors. Turn on Mozart’s Requiem and watch the walls collapse!

Hooray for work, a window office and slow internet!

Window office!
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Even if it is for two weeks.

My manager’s name is Nikolay Smolyanskiy.
Coincedence? Did I spell coincedence right?

Ever met a person you know, but now they have a different name, face and background? And yet they have the same mannerisms. Same way of speaking, same expressions, same gestures, same stories, same everything! I’m sitting next to Nate right now, but he’s named Vincent now.

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