September 2006

Remember Hitchhiker’s Guide? There was a character in one of the books, I think it was in “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”, that was very interesting. He was the god of rain, and it rained wherever he was. It rained his whole life. I suppose if he lived in Arizona and not England he would have picked up on this fact very early on. Or not? Maybe he’s the reason that England is England, and if he moved to Arizona, Arizona would be known as the wettest state in the Union. Hmm. Moving on.

This guy saw rain every single minute of his life and he became somewhat of an expert at it. He even assigned each type of rain a number, so he could say that it’s a 49 followed by 103 and mean that it’s a slight, warm drizzle that turns into a downpour with medium winds.

So, on the way to work, I noted no less than four fog types. There’s something about the street that I live on, that in the morning, around 9 am, and at night, around midnight, the fog goes into overdrive and it’s a beautiful thing. Today, I saw really dense constant fog, semi-dense variable fog, high fog (at the ground level there is little fog, but higher up it’s dense) and wind-driven scarce variable fog. Also, and I’m not sure if this is a different type or whatever, Microsoft campus was completely free of the fog that I encountered on the road. We’re higher up than the road I was on, so that could account for it.


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Oh sweet, sweet swag. Where would we be without you.

While my Camry was being shipped here, I listened to a local oldies station in the rental car. This one commercial kept playing over and over:
Two people, man and woman, are talking about buying some new high-tech equipment, a TV or a camera or some crap like that. So the woman says that it would be nice to get like a Sony, but Sony’s are always so expensive. The guy replies that so-and-so models cost this much, which is apparently cheap. So the woman replies, “that’s cheap” and asks the guy where he found such a good deal – “not on the INTERNET, I hope!” The man replies “No, of course not. At…” blah blah blah some local store that threatens people into shopping there. That last part is no joke. The store’s slogan is “…or you’ll be sorry”.

Anyway, point of that is that the average American is a fascinating creature. They depend on Barbara Walters for their news, are sure the government is trying to screw them over with their so-called “doctors”, are terribly afraid of even looking at a computer for fear of having their soul stolen and usually have a gun in the house. They are incredibly paranoid of identity theft and giving their information away online. Get over yourselves! No one is interested in you. No one is going to go through an elaborate plan of setting up a world-renowned website, like, that has operated legitimately for years, just to steal 319$ from your savings account. Umm, I actually had someone ask me about this very issue, of buying and selling stuff on Half. Eep.

Oh, and this is sorta related, and the real reason I started this post.
I ordered a game online, on Amazon, on Sept 12, and it’s three weeks later and the thing hasn’t shipped yet. I’m pretty pissed. About that, but also about online shipping overall.
I don’t quite understand why they bother with 1, 2-3, 5-7 day shipping. None of the shipping times ever work out (at least for me). Ordering on a Wednesday, you might as well go with the 5-7. 2-3 will not get there on time, and 1 always takes a long time in the warehouse, and they end up shipping your thing out on Friday or Saturday, so either way you get it next week. If you’re ordering on a Monday, Tuesday, 1 is equal to 2-3: it’ll get there around Thursday, Friday. Never ever ever order 2-3 after Wednesday. Even Tuesday is pushing it. Basically, if you want something there this week, you better be ordering Friday or Saturday. Order on Sunday, when there’s no one at the office, and it’ll take them half a day on Monday to sift through the orders and maybe the warehouse will be notified by Monday night. Oh, and of course order 2-3. If you don’t care when it gets here, but it would be nice if it’s soon (I know, weird), order 5-7 on a Thursday-Saturday.
I just bought a thing online and got 5-7 shipping. It’s Thursday. If I got 1 day, the package would be shipped tomorrow or Saturday and would possibly sit in the local distribution center over the weekend. 2-3 is a rip-off at this point, as I would get the package in about 5-7 non-business days. Bastards.
Unless you have Amazon Prime – free 5-7 and 2-3 shipping – ship slowest and accept that you’ll get it too late and it’ll probably sit in a distribution center over a weekend.

Bill Gates’ mom calls him up for dinner. He doesn’t respond.

Mom: What are you doing?
Bill: I’m thinking.
Mom: You’re thinking?
Bill: Yes, Mom, I’m thinking. Have you ever tried thinking?

Yeah, there’s a Family Guy game coming out. Imagine that.

I have to say, this is the ugliest game that I want to buy.
Pics and Review – GameSpot Link
Here’s some pictures. The game is done with cell-shading (of course) to produce that animated feeling, but the screenshots I’ve seen look ugly. Maybe it’ll improve if you’re looking at animation, not just stills.

I gotta say, the people making the game know a thing or two about Family Guy. Some classic moments from the show are represented in the game: Peter locking himself in the car, the ambulance feasting on a gazelle, the peg-legged sea captain, Death makes an appearance and, best of all, Stewie has another sexy party.

And the parade continues
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Pineapple and mango. On the house. The house that Bill built.

Poetry! They should’ve sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful… I had no idea.

This e-mail was sent to people in buildings 16, 17, 19, 25. I’m in 17.

Buildings 16, 17, 19, 25
Kitchenette Closures – Installation of Starbucks Coffee Brewer Equipment
October 9th – 13th
4:00 AM – 2:30 PM (Pacific Time)
Duration: 5 days (Mon – Fri)

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