October 2006

That is all. Continue with your boring, monotonous lives.


Well, actually, not just one. About 50. At 4.49$. Without tax. At Safeway. Well, it’s still something.

Today, I finally received my first and only Wal-Mart purchase. It had to be Wal-Mart because no one else sells this, and it had to be online because I’m not stepping into the store for any reasonable amount of money.

Anyways. So, it’s here.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Especially if you work in my building.

Highway fog
Originally uploaded by FuzzyGamer.

It’s still foggy as hell at 10am. Kinda glad I took the small roads to work today.

I was just complaining to Art that I had to go to work on Saturday. He’s still in school, getting his 18th Doctorate. He sent me this link.

Art, many apologies. I know how hard it must be for you. That’s one of the reasons that I’m here. The other reason is that Microsoft made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Seriously! Oh, and I wouldn’t have gotten into any Master’s program except at Bob Jones college where they give free hats to newbies.

This isn’t new news, just more observation from the pissed off dude writing this blog: the people who work in New Kowloon Seafood Restaurant are either racists or incompetent. Or both. It took half an hour and about four reminders that I’d like a glass of water! Sad part is that it’s not going to change. I’m a white guy going to a Chinese restaurant. They treat the main customers (Chinese people who come back time and time again) really well, and screw the guy in the corner. I’ve had the same crap pulled on me at Jeem Asian Restaurant on 24th, by Safeway. The second time I went there they stuck me in the corner where the server with the food (I go there for dim sum) had to try harder to come over. It’s not that it’s impossible to stop by my table, it’s just that it’s in the corner and tight, so it’s basically a one-way street for a Hummer: turning around is out of the question, so back up. So, practically no servers ever stopped by. Not like they ever do. At New Kowloon the servers skip my table and go for the large 8-person parties. Overall, my experience with Asian restaurants leaves me contemplating choosing a new favorite cuisine. If I’m alone, or there are no Asian people with me, or they’re the “wrong type” (Chinese people getting Korean BBQ or Japanese people going for dim sum), the service is gonna suck and, in some cases, the quality of the food suffers. What kind of crap is that? I’m white, so I probably don’t know good Chinese cooking from Panda Express? And while we’re on that, yes, I do eat “fake” Chinese food. I even like it. But when I go to a Chinese restaurant and ask for authentic food, bring me authentic food just like you would if I asked you in Chinese, and don’t ask me “Are you sure you want that?” Yeah, I know, most people order the orange chicken. They’re entitled to make bad choices. I’m not them. So bring me those pig tongues!

Contradictory to most of the world, today I found out that Seattle is the sunny city. Leaving from Redmond, it was raining. Not buckets, not drizzle, somewhere in the middle. The closer I got to Seattle, more blue skies and less rain. Later, on my way back, just as I turn off from I-5 to get on the 520, it starts raining like before. And I wish I had my camera with me! Oh, and a few extra hands to drive and take pictures at the same time. I was on the 520 bridge, the one that spans the water, and it was like sitting in the middle of Armageddon: on the right side, blue skies, sunny weather; on the left side, rain pouring down and it’s pretty dark. The rain looked absolutely amazing, since it’s over water and it makes this really strange edge where on one side it’s calm water and just a bit over there’s this strong rain coming down and this mist holding just above the surface.

Actually, today there were lots of opportunities for great photos. Mostly thanks to the rain. Ever seen a rainbow following a car? It actually keeps up, even though it doesn’t have legs. It has to be like this: the sun is on the left, you’re in the left lane and ahead and to the right of you there’s the target car; the road has to be pretty wet and the car has to be going fast to kick up a fair-sized mist. The mist catches the sun and you see this mini rainbow, following right behind the car. Gorgeous!

Oh, and this is entirely off-topic, but this is the funniest picture I have ever seen: link.

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