December 2006

Woot has this curious item for sale. I don’t really care what it is, but the photo they are using is just hillarious. Everyone knows Betty White? Good.


Or whatever.

By popular demand, here’s our Christmas tree, finally decorated.

Flickr is on the fritz, so this image is up here thanks to Blogger.

We’ll always have the Simpsons. And nachos.

What is wrong with people?! “India has killed 10 mln girls in 20 years”. Yes, there’s a bit of a hassle associated with bringing up a girl in India, such as the (banned) practice of dowry and social pressures that basically shaft women when it comes to education and finding a job. But you’re “solving” this issue from the wrong end! How much sense would it make to demolish all roads, just so that people wouldn’t get motion sickness while riding in a car?

China has similar issues. Boys are much more sought-after, so a large percentage of newborn girls mysteriously die. At the bottom of a ditch. The fact that much of China is rural makes disposing of children that much easier.

Ironically, one of the first steps is to change the world to one that welcomes women. Not with sand in the mouth and nostrils or being thrown into a ditch, but with open arms and acceptance. Or is that too much to ask?

We were just told, at our weekly Dev meeting, to look up technical conferences and try to attend one. This includes any week-long game-related conferences in Hawaii. Which, of course, Dan was quick to mention. Ah, sweet, sweet injustice.

You’re not a true geek unless you participate in the great Trek-Wars debate.
Oh, and of course you get 100 additional points for being on the Star Wars side. But that’s just obvious.

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