June 2007

I was just talking to myself and decided that rambling on a blog makes me appear more sane than rambling to myself while writing Java applets. So, here goes.

I’m an atheist. But I don’t dislike the idea of God. I don’t dislike the concept of a higher being. I don’t even argue it. Don’t get me wrong, there’re plenty of things that are associates with the idea of God that I sincerely dislike. But not the point of a deity. I only ask for concrete proof, and for the lack of it I am forced to conclude that there is no God. Sort of like saying that there are no unicorns. Except that a unicorn is more likely than God. As long as you’re willing to accept a horse mangled in an industrial accident as a unicorn. But that’s not the point.

The point is that I see no reason whatsoever to believe that there is a God. That there is an elderly bearded white guy in the clouds (clearly a Simpsons-centric view) who gives a rat’s ass about the minute details of my life, who created the world in 6 days (shut the hell up about the definition of ‘day’, you’d make Bill Clinton vomit in rage), who put fossils in the ground to screw with us, who aged the moon, who put a crap-load of photons in space aimed at Earth to ‘fake’ the view of stars and galaxies. There is no reason to believe that this God exists. Why? Because everything in the world can be explained without this God.

Except one. The beginning. The Big Bang. Or was it really the Big Bang? I have some doubts about that. Which is not the point of this post, you’re right. Anyhow. So far, we don’t have the answer to that particular question. So, that’s why propose a new religion. A belief in a God who’s slightly different. Here’s my image of God:

God created the Universe. He farted and a lot of hydrogen started filling ‘space’, a new concept that started existing at the same time as the hydrogen. God looked at his creation. He saw that physics would drive this hydrogen into galaxies, stars, planets (after the stars go through a supernova to create heavy elements), life and, in the end, yours truly, sitting here and typing up a post about this God. He saw all of this, realized that there was no need for him to exist anymore and pulled a Kurt Cobain, which, incidentally, is all that cosmic microwave background radiation that we’re seeing nowadays. The end.

So, I guess this would make me an atheist who believes that a God once existed. What do you call that?

</ad absurdum>


HD TV is amazing! It’s so damn pretty. I usually watch recorded shows, owing to the fact that I’m normally not home yet when the shows are running and that I don’t want to sit there waiting for the commercials to end. But, when I tape HD shows, some of the commercials are also in HD (others are standard, lower resolution with black bars on either side), and often times I actually stop the DVR from forwarding and watch the HD commercials. So pretty. No words to describe… They should have sent a poet.

The following is a bit of a review of “Mr Brooks”, a film I saw last night. The reason that most of it is not yet visible is because simply by saying whether or not I liked it, I’m liable to give away much of the plot. So, you’ve been warned.

Spoilers after the jump.