August 2007

Pandora’s randomizer algorithm may be crappy, but this is just ridiculous (really, it’s an example of bad programming):

Pandora Randomizer




I keep thinking it’s Friday. It’s not that thing where ‘it feels like Friday’, I actually think it’s Friday! Twice I’ve said that today the traffic going out of Microsoft is going to be bad even if you leave early because it’s Friday. What the hell is going on?!

I figure it’s the stress. Or something. So I’m writing up a little blog entry, taking a break from work. Hopefully that’ll help.


Took this picture at the Chevorn gas station on 148th and Bel-Red. Curious, to say the least.


The content in this post has been deemed hazardous. It is not advisable for anyone to view the video below. May result in severe damage.

PS: I know that I’ve been posting a lot of videos and so forth, but it’s a sad fact that work has been piling up and I haven’t had much free time. I’m actually working on some content at the moment, so, to the 1.5 readers of this blog, just wait a bit longer. If you’re bored, watch South Park. Episodes are available online:


I listened to these two songs, in this order, on the way home today. One word to describe it: breathtaking.

FictionWise, an online e-book store has added the ability to get their book in Sony Reader’s LRF format. They say that they are currently about half-way through converting their database of 16 thousand (!!!) e-books into the LRF format. Oh, what glorious news! Sony’s own Connect book store sucks the big one, both in implementation and selection, so this is a very welcome change.

The benefits are absolutely astounding: Sony’s Connect has three books by Larry Niven, while FW has 23 titles. Yes, most of these are short stories that I already have in paper format, but these are stories that I will definitely want to read again and again, so I’m ecstatic. And, FW has sci-fi magazine subscriptions! It’s exactly what it sounds like: you get monthly (or whatever) electronic editions of sci-fi magazines. How awesome is that?! Of course, I’m still waiting for e-publishers to get more content, such as… well, pretty much everything on my Reading page, but most importantly ‘Replay’ and the works of Steven Gould.

The content isn’t the only thing that’s good: the interface is much better. Connect makes you log in through a horrific Flash gateway, while FW uses a standard browser. FW has a large collection of free books, cheap books (under 50 cents, even!), and sales. The sales are curious: they offer some books at 100% discount. How? You pay the price of the book, but the money simply gets put on your account. You’re free to spend it on anything else, as long as it’s on the site. Good for those who are planning to make lots of purchases. I know I’ve mentioned interface already, but I’ll say it again: FW has categories! Connect tries to do that, and fails miserably. Finding a book there is… simply painful. Sony really dropped the ball on that one. But is that really news? Sorry, sorry, they did make the Reader, they’re not that bad.

Oh, this is a good day. And it’s not even my birthday!

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