May 2009

I stopped by QFC just before going to a coffee shop. I realized that I didn’t have any aspirin in my car, so decided to pick up a 100-pill bottle of Excedrin. At the check-out, the ass-turd of a clerk mentions, off-handedly, “you could have a wonderful sleep if you take a lot of them. Or like the whole bottle.”

What the fuck? Are QFC clerks now trained to give suicide advice?


Just one card to comment on, and a bit of a rant on Frank.


I like this secret. Though I don’t particularly think it should be a secret. But whatever.

It’s interesting to people-watch. And this card reminded me of my trip to Alcatraz. The island is mostly a wonder-around experience, notwithstanding the tour by The Old Lady. In the prison building there are optional audio tours that you can get. They’re free and are essentially an MP3 player that “walks” you through the prison. The peculiar thing about them is how people look when they’re using them. Imagine a group of 20 tourists, staring at some prison cell. They’re all quiet. Suddenly, they all turn, as one, and keep walking. Just as suddenly, they all stop and stare at something new. I felt like I was walking through some zombie-infested version of Alcatraz. (I chose not to partake in the audio tour, so I was the only one with “free will”, as it were.)

Now, a bit about Frank, the creator and maintainer for PostSecret. A journalist I know had the misfortune to interview Frank. I say that because, apparently, Frank is a complete bore and has nothing of interest to say. Seeing what he does every week on the site, I can’t say I’m surprised. Aside from taking other people’s secrets, putting them online and making money off the book deals, he doesn’t do anything interesting. The blog looks fairly plain and boring, Frank goes out of his way to only show a week’s worth of secrets (probably to guarantee book sales?), and now he’s following the popular fads of advertising his site on the social networking sites. First there was Facebook, then MySpace, and now Frank is advertising on Twitter. Wow, real original there Frank.

Though my “favorite” move of this ass-turd is his JK Rowling copycat maneuver. Here is the relevant text taken from the blog:

The Secret of Room 412

This week I went to NYC with the never-before-seen secrets for the new book. I checked into the Omni Hotel and went to work laying out pages for PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death and God.

Deep into the night, I arranged postcards I had been setting aside for more than two years.

The next afternoon I walked to HarperCollins with the finalized book, and some memorable dreams from that morning. But before I left my room, I wrote a special postcard and left it behind in the desk drawer.

“PostSecret Confessions on Life Death and God was assembled here in Room 412 on May 19th, 2009.”

If you ever stay in this hotel room, you may find that the postcard I left behind is gone. But look up under the desk drawer for a special secret, and pay attention to your dreams that night.

About 1.5 weeks ago I finally got myself a bicylce. This is the first bike I’ve had since high-school. I gotta say, I’ve missed biking. Almost as much as I’ve missed sushi. (I haven’t had sushi in the states since coming back from Japan. Not sure why, but it probably has to do with knowing that whatever I get here won’t match up to the sushi I’ve had over there.) But anyway.

This morning I stopped by REI and got a bike rack for my car. That’s cause I’ve gotten tired of biking to Redhook. Sure, it’s a great 6 mile ride, at the end of which cold beer awaits, but after doing that twice last weekend I wanted to try something different. So I got the car rack and drove to Mercer Island. Mercer Way (first E, then W) is a road that wraps around the island and is quite a scenic ride. The route I picked (image below) is 13.7 miles long. My average speed was 9.6 MPH, with a top speed of 34.8 MPH (that was awesome!).

Mercer Island Bike Ride

I didn’t manage to snag any pictures while on the road, though, so this is the only image that I have of the trip.

Just two weeks ago I found out that Redmond Town Center actually has free wi-fi. The network’s SSID is “_ShopRedmondTownCenter”.

Yesterday I found out that the internet is free but not free. They block a large number of sites. Bash is blocked for “Violence.” Two dating sites and Facebook are blocked for “Personals & Dating.”

And of course both Remote Desktop and Hamachi are blocked.

I understand the idea of free wi-fi, of TANSTAFL and “you get what you pay for”, but this seems a bit… dick-ish.

First off, this post started as an idea/resolution. I wanted to write between three and five thousand words, partly to see if I could and partly to keep writing. So I was contemplating what to write about. And the idea that appealed most to me was one that I couldn’t really make into a sci-fi story. Which is what I wanted to do. But the idea I had was too complex, would have required too much explanation for a short story. So, I decided to write three to five thousand words of non-fi. Here’s hoping I can pull it off.

Rest of the post is after the jump.


Beer and biking, originally uploaded by FuzzyGamer.

A coworker mentioned that Washington is one of the only (if not *the* only) state that does not have laws about biking while drunk.

Sunday lunch, a book and a bike ride, originally uploaded by FuzzyGamer.

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