June 2009

This song has been stuck in my head most of the week. It’s just too damn awesome.


Blake Island, originally uploaded by FuzzyGamer.

Out on the lake, originally uploaded by FuzzyGamer.

The Dev team is out on the lake, getting drunk.

First impressions on “Saints Row 2”, which I picked up this weekend. First off, comparing Saints to GTA4 – which is something that’s pretty much inevitable – illustrates the basic differences between the two games: GTA is much more “realistic”, while Saints is very arcady, both in graphics, controls, characters, etc. Now, this mini review is probably best done with a bullet-list, so let’s get on with it:

  • The graphics are pretty crappy, a distant step behind GTA4 and almost like something from a last-gen game
  • Driving is arcady: cars go from 0 to 60 in a second, stop on a dime, corner at any speed and behave ridiculously when colliding with objects
  • The game is entirely too easy: health auto-regenerates, the cops are push-overs, drive-through confessionals remove your wanted level instantly, etc.
  • Diversions like drive-by missions or ambulance missions are too easy: the first one gives you unlimited ammo, the second one is impossible to lose. Nothing like the similar activities from the GTA franchise, which were an actual challenge.

That being said, the game is actually a lot of fun. As long as you like your fun to be simple and semi-mindless. Often times I just sit down for a short rampage around the city, popping gang-members from behind human shields, or using electric paddles on unsuspecting citizens.

These two activities are actually particularly fun and have something of hidden surprises. While using a cop as a shield, the cops sometimes say – softly – “shoot the hostage”, which I think is just a great reference. And if you’re using the paddles, you can have some interesting fun with them: use the paddles to kill a person, then shock them back to life, only to kill them again. There’s actually no limit to this, as you can kill/resurrect a character as many times as you want.

Aside from these two activities, there is quite a lot of stuff to do. So far I’ve participated in a “Cops”-style reality-TV show, attacked people with a Taser pistol, explored an underground cavern (certainly something that GTA4 doesn’t have), high-jacked a police tank-like vehicle, tried BASE jumping, and created a character strikingly-similar to Greg House. Fun stuff.

On the existence of ghosts

Ah, Selma Hayek, is there any mystical mumbo-jumbo you can’t help disprove?