In the August 2009 issue of Scientific American I found this great quote from Tom Coburn on President Obama’s heightened gas mileage standard:

What if you want to drive a gas hog? You don’t have the right any longer in this country to spend your money to drive a gas hog?

See, Tom, you’re what I would call a “hypocritical shit-bag”. Yes, with the President’s new standard would mean that by 2016 all US vehicles should average some 35 miles per gallon. (The article mentions that this is something that two-decade-old Japanese cars, like the Honda Civic, have already gotten right.)

This would mean (nominally) that it’d be illegal for you to get a gas-guzzler. But with the bills and laws that you – Tom Coburn – sponsored, in this country it would be illegal to: burn a flag, marry a person of the same sex as you, use medical marijuana. So, Tom, let me see if I get this shit. You’re opposed to something that people do which has no negative impact on anyone else (flag burning and medicinal marijuana), or in fact has a positive impact (gay marriage), but get steamed up about not being allowed to pollute as much as you want?!

Holy Zombie Jesus, this guy a hypocritical shit-bag.

PS: Just remembered a very fun tid-bit. A few years ago I heard of a Ford hybrid car (gas-electric) that got the same mileage as comparable Ford non-hybrid cars. Ford designed a hybrid that did as “well” as a non-hybrid! WTF is the damn point?!