September 2009

Didn’t know the mafia was so open about things.

image 089


Good way to end a day.

image 087

image 085

image 083

image 082

image 081

My original intention with the Fifth Eye set on Flickr (started with this post) was to take daily photos indefinitely. But that was before I remembered that I’d be out of town for almost a week. So, putting that project on hold for a bit until I can once again try and do daily uploads.

This trial run was educational. For one, I learned that working under a creative deadline is not a bad thing. Used to be, I thought that if there was a requirement to “be creative” on cue, that just wouldn’t work. I didn’t learn that this approach works. It doesn’t really. What does work is getting into a creative mood and allowing things to just happen. Since I was in the “gotta take a picture” today mood, I saw more things to take photos of.

I also learned to not end things with such an iffy photo as the Xbox 360 replica of the Hofner 500/1. But whatever.

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