October 2009

Rockstar’s second episodic download for GTA: IV is coming in just two long weeks, and I anticipate this to be the best experience, probably outdoing The Lost and most certainly the original. This episodic brings with it the content which was, unfortunately, missing from GTA:IV. Coming back is the glitz of Vice City, the super-weapons of San Andreas, the all-purpose tank (re-imagined as a SWAT Tank, or APC), a larger variety of helicopters (including one based on the AH-6 Little Bird from Vice) and the parachutes for those dearly-missed BASE-jumping exercises.


And, if that’s not all, we will now be able to experience Liberty City from yet another perspective. Niko was an OK character, certainly nothing stellar and sometimes just an asshole. Johnny was great, someone I could really enjoy playing as, but his was a dark world. Luis, the protagonist of the new game, will be the body-guard and assistant of the titular character, Anthony “Gay Tony” Prince. Seems like we’ll now be able to experience Liberty from a different vantage point. Some places, a tough biker or an immigrant mobster just can’t get into (at least, not without a fire-fight or an invite from double-crossing politicians).



The Beatles sign

I’ve hit a semi-boring patch of photos with the NY-NY and MGM casino photos. Nothing interesting to process/post. At least, that’s the reason I’m giving for only uploading 5 photos (and only 1 public photo!). Below is the fish tank from the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM.

Fish tank at the Rainforest Cafe

In a bit of related news, a few hours ago I got an email from an online guide that is apparently considering using one of my photos on their site. The site is free, I’ll get no money for this, and all I heard is that my photo is being short-listed, but it’s still something. I’ll post here, obviously, if my photo gets picked.

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I’m too tired today. And, frankly, the photos I took of NY-NY were just boring, so I wasn’t in the mood to process too many of them. Did upload a few, then skipped ahead to the MGM lion exhibit photos. Those turned out a bit better. Below is an example.

Lioness at MGM

More of the Flickr project to motivate me. Managed to upload 10 more Vegas photos (8 public) to Flickr. This one wasn’t too bad.

Building under construction

This is the next photo in my daily-upload project. Today I actually managed to upload 14 (only 12 are public, though) Vegas photos. Whoo-hoo!

Streets of Paris Casino

This week I went to Vegas and brought back some 600 photos. Not as many as the Japan trip, but then again, this was only a 5-day trip. Still, that’s a whole crap-load. So, in view of the relative success I had with the photo-of-the-day project, I’m starting a new set on Flickr and a new challenge: upload a photo every day. The difference between this new challenge and the one from before-last-week is that I don’t need to take a photo every day, I need to upload an existing photo. See, I have a crap-load of photos that I’ve taken over the past two years, and most of them still need to be processed and uploaded. So, I’m going to use this set/project as a motivation to put at least a small dent in the number of photos I haven’t processed yet. Unlike the last Flickr project, I hope this one comes to an end as soon as possible, and hopefully through the simple lack of old photos. But that’s a pipe-dream.

Well, on to the first photo. This one I took on my first day in Vegas, somewhere in Caesar’s Palace.

Statue at Caesar's Palace, wider shot

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