Tried to write haiku, failed when couldn’t count syllables. Is there a damn trick to this? The poem started with “the freaking kid”. Is “kid” two syllables or one? Can’t tell.

The kid behind me keeps kicking the seat. Freaking kid. He used to kick my neighbor’s seat, but then the neighbor said a few words to the parents. And now I get to put up with this nonsense. Such is life?

Started reading “Cryptonomicon” just now… What the feck? Did the kid just drop one? Certainly smells like it. I hate flying.
Anyway, started “Cryptonomicon”. Got to the part where Lawrence is having that strange dream while Turing gets an umlaut. Decided to pause. Don’t really care for the strange-dream portion of the book. Can’t wait for Randy’s introduction.

Tried to code a bit, but small lunch tray and the relative proximity of others’ elbows made this a “fail”. So now I get to plan what features my GPS logger app will have instead of actually coding it.

Coding’s more fun.

Listening to Bon Jovi right now. Will switch to Pink Floyd soon enough. Forrest was right, “Wish You Were Here” is a better album than “Dark Side of the Moon”. Though only in the “if I listen to a million and one albums, 500 thousand will be DSotM, 500 thousand and one will be WYWH” sense. Still.

Q:What’s worse than a kid kciking your seat?
A: A smelly kid kicking your seat.
Q: What’s worse than a smelly kid kicking your seat?
A: A smelly, crying kid kicking your seat.

Should be in Chicago in twenty minutes. Rather “should have been”. Or “should have be”? What the hell is the tense form for a late flight?