It’s taken years and years, but I’ve finally gotten myself a webhost and, to kick things off, have moved the majority of this blog over to its new location:

At the moment, almost nothing is setup. Most of the posts have been copied, but that’s about it. Hell, the YouTube videos seem to be broken. Those might be fixed soon. But all of that is moot at this time, as the main point is that this blog will now have a new address. This address will still work, but no new posts will be made after today.


Same as last year, the days/weeks leading up to the NaNoWriMo event are once again entirely devoid of blog posts. That’s because any spare time I may have had in the the two or three weeks leading up November were mainly taken up by plotting. Same as last year, I’m working on a sci-fi story. This time, though, it’s based on a short story I wrote during the summer. It’s the same underlying concept/problem, but completely different set of characters (one of whom is named after a friend’s newborn kid) and a different resolution.

As opposed to last year, when I spent a lot of time on the concept behind the story and no time at all on actually plotting out the flow, this year I’ve jotted down the summaries of all the scenes, ahead of time. So now all I have to do is allot the required number of days per scene (about 2.5) and the story feels like it’s writing itself. It’s a much less stressful and more enjoyable NaNo experience than last year’s. And hey, I’m already at 10,000 words. I missed a day last week due to excessive alcohol intake (Trivia Tuesday, you understand) but aside from that I’ve been writing regularly, every day, about 1.6 thousand words, the required amount for me to coast through November and have 50 thousand words by December.

Speaking of alcohol intake, I’m considering not having less booze than normal, as I’ve found that writing while intoxicated just doesn’t cut it for me. At that point, I’d rather be listening to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or playing GTA: IV. Not exactly a good writing atmosphere.

And speaking of music (yes, this post is taking on a very tangential motif, but what the hell do I care?!), I’ve recently discovered Led Zeppelin and I gotta say: shit, I’ve been missing out! “Ramble On” is one of the best songs I have ever heard. Period. (Have you noticed that it starts out kinda like The Guess Who’s “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature”? It’s weird, but I constantly think I’m going to hear “no sugar tonight” just as the song breaks into obvious Led Zeppelin.)

Sadly, I don’t expect to be writing much here until way after NaNo is over. This post itself is being written in between lunch and watching “Back to the Future: Part 2”. After that, probably going to head out to a coffee shop to get the day’s allotment of sci-fi written up.

My original intention with the Fifth Eye set on Flickr (started with this post) was to take daily photos indefinitely. But that was before I remembered that I’d be out of town for almost a week. So, putting that project on hold for a bit until I can once again try and do daily uploads.

This trial run was educational. For one, I learned that working under a creative deadline is not a bad thing. Used to be, I thought that if there was a requirement to “be creative” on cue, that just wouldn’t work. I didn’t learn that this approach works. It doesn’t really. What does work is getting into a creative mood and allowing things to just happen. Since I was in the “gotta take a picture” today mood, I saw more things to take photos of.

I also learned to not end things with such an iffy photo as the Xbox 360 replica of the Hofner 500/1. But whatever.

The third part of this extended post is really not necessary. I just felt weird having only two parts to the extended post. So this will be almost unrelated to the rest. Here (and by which I mean “after the jump”), I’ll write a bit about the work of Neal Stephenson.

And here’s that jump.


Below is a continuation of this post.

Getting right into the middle of the post immediately after the jump. This will be a bit about Japan and a religious ramble/question.


I haven’t posted in a while. That’s an understatement, sure. I haven’t posted in five months. I can give a few reasons, like work, NaNoWriMo, work, laziness, work, lack of material, work, Japan trip, work, etc. And I’ll give those reasons (as well as a bit of an explanation for each of them) below, but they’re not real reasons. Sure, they’re “reasons”, technically, but they’re not the reasons I haven’t been posting. There’s no reason for that. I just haven’t been. If you want a reason, you’ve come to the wrong place. On the other hand, if you want some random rambling, a possible religion rant, a crappy attempt at a sci-fi novel and some minor notes about a 2.5 week-trip through Japan… well, keep on reading. The first part of this extended post is just after the jump.


Once again, a considerable amount of time has passed without a new post appearing in this space. But this time I have valid reasons! It’s even plural, as in there is more than one explanation for me dropping the ball on blogging once again.

The main reason (look, I even ranked them!) is that my right arm is in a splint, which translates to “no typing, no driving, no sushi, no gaming“. Man, that’s really harsh, since I love to do all of those. In short, it means that since this Monday I haven’t been working, blogging, driving myself or having sushi. I have come up with a way, of sorts, to play GTA IV, but it’s not a perfect solution that starts to hurt after a few hours, but it’s better than nothing.

All this spare time is damn ironic: I can come up with things to write about or stuff to do at work, but Ican’t actually do anything. Bah. I did manage to get some work done on Friday, but it was slow going. So here are a few things I can remember at this late hour.

PostSecret for May 11th

Aside from the usual commentary about the secrets (one to follow), I have my usually-negative commentary about PostSecret: I don’t like “themes”. It’s sort of boring to see a whole page of the same damn secret, over and over. Sure, there’s a bit of variety, but, for instance, most of this week’s secrets are “I wuv you mommy” or “I wuv my kids”. Big whoop. I’m not sure if all the secrets are so similar naturally, or if that ass-hat of a “blogger” specifically biases the collection for his own reasons.

I read about this a few weeks back and I gotta say, “what’s the big deal?” It’s just a woman who became a man, kept her reproductive organs and then decided to become pregnant (his wife is unable to have children). Big whoop. The guy went on Oprah and called this a miracle. Ha. It’s not a miracle, it just another (genetic) female giving birth. It happens every day. It’s not a miracle. Considering that the father is on hormones, it might be a miracle for the baby to turn out to be perfectly fine, but that’s about it. There’s nothing interesting about this.

To the author: (1) it’s your imaginary friend, you can come up with reasons for doing this, and (2) what do you care if a pseudo-man is pregnant?

To the author: chicken-shit.


I love cabs! Often times there are instances when I need to get from one end of an island to another, or even to a different island, so I simply jump into a cab, point the driver the right way and enjoy the ride. I use the time to admire the city, wonder at the great level of detail or make mission-related phone calls. Or, hell, just chill out and listen to some conservative gun-nut on the radio. It’s great.

But now, after just unlocking the second island, I stumbled onto something even cooler: helicopter tours! Now I can admire the city from above while listening to a right-wing, crack-pot tour guide who goes on about the downfall of society. How awesome is that? And since this is GTA, you can always finish your tour by pulling the guy out of the cockpit and beating him to death with a baseball bat. I haven’t done that yet, but it’s certainly on my mind.

Oh, and speaking of beating people to death: it seems you don’t actually kill most people in Liberty City. I can shoot up a pedestrian, but give them a minute or two and they’ll get up with the minimum amount of health and try to stumble away. Curious. Though that’s only for non-mission NPC’s: if you pop a cap in someone’s ass in the course of the story, they’re certifiable fish-bait.


Typing with only my left hand is a royal pain, not to mention it’s so gorram slow and error-prone, that I must call it a night. Perhaps sometime later I’ll write down some more of my rambling-like thoughts from this week, but don’t count on it.

Oh, I’ve also started reading “Snow Crash” and aside from being good cyberpunk (I wish “Neuromancer” was more like this), it’s a hilarious book loaded with great similes and LOL-worthy expressions and acronyms. A must-read! For those who read.

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