Found this amazing Flickr user, Deborah Chen, through a random search: was looking for “bionic bunny”, stumbled on some of her photos. Great photos, excellent composition, interesting colors, beautiful models (photographer herself included, of course). Just about the only gripe I have with her work (aside from wishing I could do something similar) is that sometimes the 1970’s-coloring is overdone. Here’s an example of where I think it’s appropriate, Argonaut, and here’s one where I think the photo was fine without the effect, Castro.

PostSecret for 9/13/2009

stay_smallerI wish I was there for my cat.

mousepoop_smallerAlright! Good for you!

Get Fuzzy

The brilliance that is Get Fuzzy is sometimes hard to describe to the non-believers. Below is a comic that shouldn’t need much explanation. Sunday edition comics are large, so click for the full image.


Random thought

There is no such thing as “life”. If we’re looking for anything in this universe, it should be beauty. Possibly more on this topic later.


Well, anyway, enough internet for this morning, laundry’s done, I can finally go get some dim sum and read.

Currently listening to: Gomez, “Bring It On: 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition”.

Currently reading: “The Dreaming Void”, by Peter F. Hamilton



My family has accepted the fact that I don’t know anything about current affairs. I don’t have a TV (get ’24’ and ‘House’ in the form of torrents and watch them on my Xbox), don’t read the papers, don’t bother reading CNN or any other news sources. I didn’t know when that guy threw a shoe at Governor Bush. Didn’t know about that pilot who landed a plane in a river and then all the asshole passengers thanked God for it. Didn’t know about swine flu until I got a semi-panicked phone call this evening.

I assumed XKCD just had yet another brilliant idea, namely of starting a rumor about a fictional disease and watching the masses go ape-shit. Now the comic seems less funny.

A few months back I found a new webcomic. And promptly fell in love with it. It’s called “Daisy Owl” and it’s about an unconventional family and their wacky adventures. Below is a sample. (Had to recut the comic so that it would fit in here without resizing. Image links to the original.)



The comic is a great mix of… well, a lot of stuff. It seems to cover a lot of ground, yet always manages to stay close to the main theme of child-like wonder and discovery. And the drawings are just magical.

The story is of Daisy Owl, her brother Cooper, and their dad, Mr Owl. Then there’s their friend Steve the bear. Other characters come and go, but this is the basic ensemble.

Here are a few random strips I found interesting (links this time, don’t want the hassle of slicing more images):

The website provides fairly standard previous-next navigation, so browse to understand what the comic is all about. Their random method sucks, though.

Monday was spent getting better (sinus, cold, eye infection) and catching up on comics that I missed over 2.5 weeks. As such, I stumbled onto this little puppy, XKCD’s take on college-exam-nightmare (had to resize the comic for it to fit; for the original, click on the image):


This morning I woke up from this same damn nightmare! I was dreaming that I was taking some geography exam, a class that I obviously never attended and of course forgot about, and I was scared shitless that by failing this class I would not be able to graduate. Of course, not being able to graduate would mean that I would not be able to start my Microsoft job. That’s the second time in a week that I’ve woken up thinking I might be unemployed. Damn you XKCD!!

Sunday editions of comics are often too complicated to attempt to fit into this 400-pixel-wide space, and I’m too lazy, so click this miniscule thumbnail (blame WordPress) to see the comic in all its glory.


Introduction to the Goons


Last week, ‘Get Fuzzy’ had a very funny story-arc introducing a pair of goons in the employment of Bucky. I’m not sure what they actually do, aside from hassling Rob, but they’re quite funny. Then, on Friday, this cartoon appeared on the ‘Get Fuzzy’ website. The Chicago Tribune ran an older cartoon, saying that the cartoon below did not meet its standards for taste. I imagine the Tribune was not the only paper to get uppity about ‘Fuzzy’. Was there really a reason? See for yourself.

The offending cartoon 


This week’s story arc (which started on Tuesday) may be dealing with censorship. The first cartoon was printed as is. I suspect that the second one, which was online sometime after midnight today, will also appear. Knowing Darby Conley (the cartoonist behind ‘Get Fuzzy’), this can be a story arc that, in a roundabout way, deals with the censorship issue by throwing caution to the wind and the bird to the newspaper editors.



Tuesday’s comic


Wednesday’s comic

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