My original intention with the Fifth Eye set on Flickr (started with this post) was to take daily photos indefinitely. But that was before I remembered that I’d be out of town for almost a week. So, putting that project on hold for a bit until I can once again try and do daily uploads.

This trial run was educational. For one, I learned that working under a creative deadline is not a bad thing. Used to be, I thought that if there was a requirement to “be creative” on cue, that just wouldn’t work. I didn’t learn that this approach works. It doesn’t really. What does work is getting into a creative mood and allowing things to just happen. Since I was in the “gotta take a picture” today mood, I saw more things to take photos of.

I also learned to not end things with such an iffy photo as the Xbox 360 replica of the Hofner 500/1. But whatever.


Urban Dictionary definitions are always a hoot, and their take on “metric fuckton” is no different. I wonder what’s a good PG/PG-13 alternative for that? Crapload comes to mind, but that’s about it.

And now, for no other reason than because she’s hot, here are two photos of Olivia Wilde.


Wilde at the 2009 Emmies.


Wilde with Salman Rushdie at White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in 2008. OK, so if getting a date with Olivia requires having a fatwa issued against me, then I’m game. And anyway, it’s been almost 24 hours since I’ve pissed someone off, time to do something about that.


Reading up a bit on “The Satanic Verses” controversy I’m entertained, saddened and alarmed by this line, explaining one of the reasons for the unprecedented rage that the book generated:

Unfamiliarity with the concept of free speech. The belief among many Muslims in or from the Middle East that every country “has … laws that prohibits any publications or utterances that tend to ridicule or defame religion.” It followed that permission to publish a book that ridiculed or defamed Islam showed an anti-Islamic bias in those countries that permit publication.

Currently listening to: “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, “On A Night Like This” and “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan.

For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling really crappy and today I finally made it to the doctor’s office. Turns out I have a fairly nasty case of a condition called APD. Yeah, no clue what that is, so I asked the doctor. Turns out I’ve got a very serious Pug Deficiency. Apparently, APD stands for Acute Pug Deficiency (these doctors spend more time coming up with ironic names for serious diseases than they spend actually treating these diseases!). APD can be very serious, often leading to depression, altered mental states, liver failure (as a result of self-medication) and, in some cases, multiple system failure. APD can be life threatening.

Though, thankfully, APD is not as bad as CPD – Chronic Pug Deficiency. For these poor souls, there is no cure. According to the doctor, those suffering from CPD often have severe dog allergies or pug phobias, so the standard protocol cannot be used with them. There are substitutes, such as fat, closely-shaved cats doubling as pugs, but the protocol is still in testing and has not been FDA approved. Success rates are also much lower for this alternative.

According to the doctor, there are various possible choices at this point. The usual therapy method involves getting a pug, but this is unfeasible for me at the time: I work long hours and cannot give the pug a proper home. An alternative (as with most alternatives, success rates are obviously lower than with the primary protocol) is to find a pug-substitute. A small, cuddly dog (or cat, though once again, lower rates of success) will work, as long as it is similar in disposition to a pug. A last resort is a more radical approach, a so-called “life transplant”. This procedure involves the acquirement of a “life”. This approach works by masking the symptoms of APD, allowing the patient to temporarily “forget” that they have APD (the medical terms for this are much more complicated than “forget”, but this is essentially what happens). This protocol is both riskier and more expensive, hence its label as a “last resort”.

For the time being, I’m investigating such services as FlexPetz and finding solace in photos on IHasAHotDog.


It’s so beautiful. Just 2 hours and I’ll have a legit copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (x64), all ready to install on my home computer.

I’m running an older version of Windows 7 on my work laptop and so far it’s been absolutely wonderful.

I’m used to spam being strange. I get plenty of emails from myself that I don’t remember sending that tell me of ways to increase the size of my portfolio (and other objects). A lot of spam doesn’t make any sense, at least not in English. Other emails seem to come from people without any vowels in their names… Wait, I’m getting spam from Qwghlm! Awesome! Umm, back to spam. Just now I got spam that’s more original than the rest (unless you count random jabbering as originality):

Email with the subject “Sensation. Hitler was a woman!”, from Hung Zyzukqv.



Ha! That’s original. Maybe I should start attending church now.


You know, I have the same thing, I also cough. Though I don’t think this little bit of information really qualifies as a secret.


I wonder about this postcard.

Just two weeks ago I found out that Redmond Town Center actually has free wi-fi. The network’s SSID is “_ShopRedmondTownCenter”.

Yesterday I found out that the internet is free but not free. They block a large number of sites. Bash is blocked for “Violence.” Two dating sites and Facebook are blocked for “Personals & Dating.”

And of course both Remote Desktop and Hamachi are blocked.

I understand the idea of free wi-fi, of TANSTAFL and “you get what you pay for”, but this seems a bit… dick-ish.

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