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Count Smallington, originally uploaded by FuzzyGamer.

Count Smallington, or Gosha as he is known to his family

This is my first attempt at using UFRaw. Don’t have access to Lightroom2, so have to make do. And I have to say, the program is really quite something. It has as many image controls as Lightroom (at least, the major ones), but it is more difficult to use and doesn’t have a great interface, but in a pinch – money or time or simply availability – it’s a great solution.

More of the Christmas 2009 set are here.


But it’s damn good. And the name is half the reason I keep ordering it.

image 092

Here I am [at the time of writing] on a damn airplane (hate the hassle of flyng), stuck in a too-small seat (there’s no fold-down table in front of me, so it’s in the seat, making the already-small seat that much more cramped), sipping a too-cold, too-small coffee that is not sweet enough and doesn’t have nearly enough creamer (and the flight attendants aren’t any help on these matters), munching on some cinnamon-flavored pretzels (don’t like pretzels) while eyeing with envy the real food being served to first class just 4 feet away, sick as usual (it’s now tradition to get sick while on vacation), flying into a veritable shit-storm at work (partners are pissing themselves over some mundane and almost pointless feature that apparently broke and my boss’ boss’ boss wanted to see me about it on Tuesday – I had to reply with "can’t, out of town, go bother someone else")… And yet I’m oddly content, as I once again find myself listening to Pink Floyd’s "Dark Side of the Moon".

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Best. Album. Ever. Even beats out The White Album. I know, I know, how dare I say such blasphemous words? But the truth is not blasphemous. (No matter what some close-minded turds tell you.)

Didn’t know the mafia was so open about things.

image 089

Good way to end a day.

image 087

image 085

image 083

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